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Cards can be a very popular marketing tool! Just choose your desired card design that will be the reflection of your business image, and that can also be your business’s continuous presence in your client’s wallets. For Masria’s Loyalty Solutions, ideas never end, with Masria’s original design and innovative solutions, highest quality printing, we can give your brand a new look, and your customers a loyalty scheme to keep them hooked. Whether you are a retailer, a hotel or a facility, Masria will provide you with the ultimate solutions to delight your clients and be the first on their minds.

These cards can vary from simple magnetic cards, to contactless cards, to complex multi-application and biometric information carrying cards.

  • Loyalty & Gift Solutions
  • Secured Access Control Solutions

By offering your clients any of Masria’s loyalty solutions like Gift Cards, Membership Cards or Promotional Cards, entertainment day access cards and co-branded cards are all part of the fun of loyalty and security that will always make your clients come back to you. These loyalty solutions can also be great motivational and honoring factors, as a facility and you would like to award your employees here are the best solutions.

With Masria secured access control solutions of Hotels key Cards and Facility Access Cards, you will be providing the best security and privacy solutions.

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