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With a growing political interest to move to cashless society, cut costs, and the more strategic need for tracking, identification and security, Masria’s know how and history makes it the leading choice for Middle East and African government projects partnerships.

As well as growing financial inclusion initiatives backed by all Emerging markets goverments

Based on the above Masria has in place numerous solutions that combine Government Smart Card Projects with Banking Solutions to provide the best Win-Win solutions for Government and Banks

  • Subsidy Solutions
  • Smart Transport Solutions
  • Smart Health Solutions

Based on the latest security, PCI, ICAO & EMV standards, Masria has been chosen by the Egyptian Government to be their trusted partner in automating the delivery subsidized goods to the Egyptian citizens.

The reliable, secure & efficient “Family Card” system is essential in reducing costs by cutting heavy administrative bills, preventing fraud of the biggest problem in delivery subsidized goods, further more automating & simplifying the method in which the Egyptian citizens receive their goods.

Masria offers a complete set of flexible solutions to meet all the requirements & needs:

  • Complete Subsidy back office system.
  • Personalized smart subsidy card.
  • POS (point of sale) & acceptance points.
  • Subsidy card POS applications.
  • Authentication gateway.
  • Card management system.
  • Operation & maintenance.

Family Card

In one of the largest Smart Card project in the region, the Family Card Project, Masria has delivered more than 18M Smart Cards and PIN Cards across all of Egypt’s Governorates.
Masria has also installed more than 30,000 POS and is currently providing daily operation services and maintenance.

Public transport commuters are always on the lookout for fast, convenient and cost efficient services. In order to meet their demands transport operators must provide a secure, advanced and optimized system that also reduces fraud. The contactless technology meets all the above and also helps reduces the congestion in major cities. The Cairo Metro was one of the first underground “subway” systems that use NXP Desfire contactless technology. Masria is currently supplying & personalizing all the Cairo Metro cards since 2008 when the project was awarded. The Cairo Metro “TAG” (Tap & GO) card means no move querying, is quick, easy to use & rechargeable, it is proving to be the main solution to Cairo traffic.

MCS Air pay Desfire which is the combination of the latest M/Chip Applet (M/Chip Advance) / Visa Paywave Applet along with the latest Transit Applet (Desfire) already present in Cairo Metro & Railways.

By usage of this technology, Banks can issue cards to users who have a multi-application card with 2 wallets:

  • EMV Wallet
  • Metro/Railway Wallet

Each wallet has a separate security and separate pins enable true multi-applications

Building on the success of Masria’s “subsidy” solutions, Masria developed it’s own smart card based health care solutions. The solution is key to prevent fraud and therefore ensuring that the beneficiaries of the health care program are receiving their medication & services, as well as reducing the costs of delivering the healthcare to the beneficiaries so that it reaches its optimum rate and finally providing transparency & mechanism for the interaction between the beneficiaries and the healthcare providers.

The solution is a flexible customizable solution that is made to suit each and every requirements of the various healthcare providers:

  • Complete healthcare back office system.
  • Personalized smart health insurance card.
  • Personalized smart health insurance card.
  • POS (point of sale) & acceptance points.
  • Healthcare POS applications.
  • Secure authentication gateway.
  • Card management system.
  • Operations & maintenance.

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