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In addition to the traditional function of the banking sector, the current migration towards a cashless society, is setting the stage a growing trend that brings payment schemes into any application. This means that payment, through payment institutions traditionally in the form of banks, becomes the key partner for any transaction be it retail points, transportation, identification etc.

Masria through its various integrated solutions combine the traditional EMV applications and Specific transit, retail and government applications under one solution.


  • EMV Card Solutions
  • EMV Chip Solutions
  • EMV Dual Interface Card Solutions

Masria produces the highest quality card in the payment industry and certified by Visa & MasterCard International adhering to strictest quality and security process in the industry.

Card Material:

  • Card Body
  • Standard PVC Core
  • Colored PVC Core
  • Eco-friendly PVC Core (Bio-degradable)
  • Translucent/Transparent PVC Core
  • PET-G Core
  • PC (Poly Carbonate) Core

Finishing Effects:

  • Glossy Finish
  • MATT Finish
  • Spot UV Finish
  • Pearlescent Finish
  • Holographic Finish
  • Tactile Finish
  • Colored Card
  • Colored Edges
  • 3D Effects
  • Scented Cards

Masria Card is one of the few worldwide vendors that supply:

  • Native & Java Static Card.
  • Java Global Platform Card.
  • Multos International Cards.

Our chip solutions are based on the following interfaces:

  • Contact Interface
  • Contact-less Interface.
  • Dual Interface (Contact + Contactless)

With the following offline authentication methods:

  • SDA (Static Data Authentication).
  • DDA (Dynamic Data Authentication).
  • CDA (Combined Data Authentication).

Thereby providing our partner banks with the latest security measures and the most flexibility in choosing the technology they require as well as providing platforms for multi application cards such as:

  • Transport + Banking Card
  • ID + Banking Cards
  • Access + Banking Cards

All of which are supporting the latest VSDC, MCHIP & CPA requirements.

The Contactless technology makes the everyday payment transaction much faster, safer & easier; it is just a Tap & Go.

Masria is one of the first few companies in the Middle East & Africa to be an officially registered vendor product for MasterCard Worldwide ‘Pay pass’ and Visa International “Paywave”.

Visa & MasterCard PayPass gave letters of approval for Masria Card to advise its customers that Masria’s products have successfully completed the strictest requirements to produce the highest technology available for Payment cards/.

Masria is now providing its own Chip products under the terms of MasterCard PayPass specification license agreement & Visa International Paywave technology partners’ agreement as an approved product vendor.

Masria provides the following Products for Visa Paywave and MasterCard Paypas:

  • MCSAirpay 80kb – M/Chip Advance & VSDC 2.8.1 Multi Application Product with Desfire Emulation
  • MCS Airpay 16kb – M/Chip Advance & VSDC 2.8.1 Multi-Application Product
  • MCS Airpay 12kb – M/Chip Advance & VSDC 2.8.1/ VIS1.5.4 Multi-Application Product

Personalization & fulfillment & project management

  • EMV Personalization & Fulfillment
  • Prepaid Packaging
  • EMV Project Management & Consultation

Masria’s personalization bureau is based on state-of-the-art personalization equipment ensuring the highest security coupled with the best quality and lead times.

Masria offers the following range of services:

MC Secure Data Transfer Using PCI-DSS Certified data transfer techniques

MC Personalization:

  • Key management
  • Data Preparation
  • EMV Personalization
  • Embossing
  • Indent
  • Thermal
  • Laser Engraving

MC Packaging Solutions With the latest fulfillment automated machinery providing innovative packaging techniques for card issuance.

MC Personalization Services

  • VIP Card Same Day Issuance
  • Detailed Reporting Mechanisms
  • Stock Management & Reporting
  • Back Up Contingency Sites

Masria, Africa’s No.1 full smart card manufacturer and solution provider is now the first to offer its clients the best & latest solutions for Prepaid Visa & MasterCard products. This anonymous, virtual prepaid card is securely packed and ready to deliver to your customer’s hand straight away, and has no value before usage, so zero percentage of risk.

Package Includes:

  • Card Production
  • Personalization
  • Fulfillment Letter
  • Package Printing
  • Pin Generation
  • Pin Printing
  • Secure Inline Packaging
  • Barcode Labeling
  • Card Activation while in Package
  • Fixed or variable card charging mechanism supported

Masria Card offers EMV consultation to support its partners in their EMV migration projects.

Masria assists banks in all steps from the project initiation to the final implementation stage.

Migrating more than 200 profiles for more than 85 banks, Masria has the expert knowledge for the following areas of professional services:

  • System Design
  • Project Management
  • MasterCard CPV template & Visa VPA consultation
  • Certified EMV card testing

Issurance & Delivery

  • Instant Issuance
  • Remote Issuance
  • Picture Cards
  • Card Delivery

Instant Issuance is a solution to issue payment cards easily and in secure locations in real time.

It allows secure personalization of EMV cards at selected Point of Sales

Card Holders can have a fully personalized EMV card within a couple of minutes

Instant Issuance is designed for a convenient operation and management to give banks the freedom to keep their customer centric focus

Instant Issuance comes as a managed service operated by Masria operated from certified Visa & MasterCard Data Centres.

Instant Issuance combines technology of servers, machines and clients in one overall solution

Remote issuance is a solution that allows banks to issue their personalized cards from the comfort of their own premises with a low cost solution.
Remote issuance comes as a managed service from Masria, allowing banks to focus on their core businesses and benefit from an outsourcing solution, while at the same time benefiting from the convenience of having an inhouse solution.

All technical expertise is provided by Masria, including local installations and all necessary key management and EMV project management processes.

Picture Card application allows issuers to have their cardholders customize their card using their own photographs!

Cardholders access an online portal that enables them to design how their card will look and use memorable photographs as the background of the card, or alternatively choose from a pre-selected image gallery.

Picture Cards have proven to increase card sales, increase card activations and increase # of transactions per card, and ultimately provide your card as the “top of wallet” card!

Masria delivery team provide the ultimate convenience for our banking partners.
Personalized cards can be delivered through the following different setups:

  • Standard delivery to Bank Head Office in bulk
  • Standard delivery to Bank Head Office with cards sorted into branches “Branch Sorting”
  • Branch Delivery: Delivery to each bank branch
  • Courier Pickup

Together with our banks we provide the best service available to allow our banking partners to provide the best customer experience available.

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