“Cashless Forum” is aiming to upswing the Egyptian Cashless market through creating Social awareness as the legacy of cash continues to dominate markets which are seeking to digitize their traditional cash infrastructures, and regulation often struggles to keep up with innovation. Being unable to move past pilot schemes, roll solutions out or comply with regulations sees many innovative solutions fail to reach critical mass.

This year the conference hopes to address what the issues currently are, what is holding digital payments and mobile commerce back and who will be at the forefront of this industry when the explosion of use takes place?​

Cards & Payments

Banks and financial institutions across East Africa are transforming the way they connect with their customers by providing safer, quicker and more transparent alternatives to cash.

Cards & Payments East Africa is where decision makers from regional banks, telecom operators, government, retailers and new and exciting disruptions come together to learn about the innovations that are establishing financial inclusion and creating a superior payment experience for consumers across the region.

At the launch event in Nairobi this year, over 450 attendees came together to discuss how the industry can pursue a cash-light agenda in East Africa. Topics included mobile money, mobile commerce, cards, interoperability, data, security and payment disruption.

Cairo ICT 2015

Cairo ICT 2015 in its 19th annual round attracts major ICT players covering all aspects of this fast-growing industry. Mobile and fixed operators, multinational vendors, system integrator, security providers, software developers, service providers and government authorities are taking part in the event.

PAFIX marks an important milestone in how those who are driving and adopting innovative e-payment solutions and practices share information to create common goals that unite progress with clarity of purpose. This unique forum encapsulates the players and thought-leadership that are setting the agenda for the future, and propels industry dialogue forward to ensure the continued strength and integrity of the payments ecosystem and their responsiveness to the customer.

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